Jeans not Genes

Last month we visited my parents on their farm. They are 88 and 86, live independently, and take no medication except vitamins and the occasional aspirin. I’d love their good health and mental acuity to be genetic so I could inherit it, but the evidence says no. My grandparents died before 80, three relatively young from cancer. So what’s my parents’ secret? I believe it is eating organic food, produced at home or by their Amish neighbors, and working outside everyday. That’s the jeans part! They eat plenty of eggs, lard, butter, and meat–home raised, butchered, and cured. They can and freeze their own fruits and vegetables. They even made wine (from their own organic grapes) and ground flour for bread. I may not have inherited good genes, but I certainly can wear a pair of jeans.


Jeans not Genes — 7 Comments

  1. Great post, Judy! My dad is 86 and still maintains a sizeable garden. His garlic is the absolute best. I’m anxious for the release of read Animal, Vegetable, Murder!

    • Garlic! Good for him. Isn’t it supposed to have some very beneficial properties. I haven’t really explored it. Do you know?

  2. Hi Judy! I work at the Logansport Library and just finished your book in the last couple of days. Looking forward to your visit with us here at the Library. The book was great and I enjoyed it very much. Hope there are more in the future.

    • I’m really looking forward to coming home! Thanks for your nice comments. I certainly hope there is a sequel in the future too.

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