Bag Lady Part II

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I generally pick up trash while I walk my dog around our neighborhood. Most mornings, I fill at least one bag, sometimes two, empty the bag into the garbage, and feel pretty darn smug. That was right up until last night when I heard Chris Jordan speak about his upcoming movie, Midway, at an event hosted by Sightline

The movie trailer for Midway at the beginning of this post is beautiful and horrifying–and the end of feeling smug. Mr. Jordan cautioned against knee-jerk reactions and short-term solutions, I need to know what happens to all those bits of plastic I pick up. Are they making their way into the Pacific Ocean and into the bellies of albatross chicks? I’ll report what I find out.

The obvious first step, of course, is to stop buying products encased in plastic! Unfortunately that category includes the good stuff like vitamins, aspirin, and vodka besides the bad stuff like bottled water.


Bag Lady Part II — 2 Comments

  1. Holy cr*p. How astounding to see that the conveniences we take for granted are definitely hurting wildlife. I totally agree – there’s gotta be a better way that the products are enclosed and sold to the public.

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