Is This Your Grandmother’s Quilt?

On my last trip home, my mother gave me this beautiful quilt she bought years ago. The center of each star is embroidered with the name of the woman who made it. The date of the quilt is 2/12/1937. All of the women, except one, appear to have lived in north central Indiana. Here is the complete list of names and towns (if available), although I can’t guarantee I┬áread each one correctly. Please contact me if you recognize any of these women by writing a comment on this post. Thank you!

Sally Angela, Peru. Mrs. Clara Arndt, La Roy. Marcella Benedict, Logansport. Mary Benedict, Logansport. Roxie Boldry, Logansport. Mrs. Joe Buskirk, Logansport. Tressa Buskirk, Logansport. Connie Ella Carr (from Texas). Emma Cook, Mexico, IN. Laura Davis. Lola Davis, Bunker Hill. May Flora, Elkhart. Pearl Griffith, Peru. Emma Griswald, Muncie. Laura Harter, Flora. Thelma Hartleroad. Mrs. John Mast, Bunker Hill. Mrs. Miles, Muncie. Amy Miller, Bunker Hill. Nellie Oritz, Peru. Gladys Patton, Logansport. Marjarit Robbins, Logansport. Averill See. Mabel Singleton, La Crosse. Mrs. Willard Sommers, La Roy. Hester Sommerville. Mrs. Stuber, Logansport Be Stuber, Twelve Mile. Opal Stuber, Peru. Sadie Stuber, Peru. Julia Sullivan. Noramae Teal, Peru. Blanche Tiller, Peru. Dora Whitehill.


Is This Your Grandmother’s Quilt? — 1 Comment

  1. Hi Judy,
    I was looking at your site and came upon the quilt you posted. I just have to ask, Did you ever get any feedback on any of these women? What an awesome thing to have! It makes me wonder the direction that each life took. Certainly all have past and yet their quilt remains. Very cool. Thank you for sharing.

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