Robin Rescue

Yesterday I found this juvenile robin in the gutter being dive-bombed by a trio of crows. A pair of adult robins were trying to fight off the crows, but they were too small and ineffective. I picked up the robin, which had several deep  bloody peck wounds under his wings and took him home. I gave him water and Tom fed him a worm from our worm bin. When PAWS wildlife rescue opened at 8:00 am, we dropped him off. PAWS is wonderful! They will take care of him while he heals and then return him to my neighborhood and his flock family. I’ve learned my lesson from last summer’s baby crow. Injured birds go to the experts. To learn more, check out PAWS’s website

NOTE to Seattle drivers–don’t follow the directions to PAWS on Google Maps. Instead going north on I-99 (Aurora) from Lynnwood, turn left across Aurora on 44th Avenue West (not well marked). Follow 44th half a mile to the PAWS compound.

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