Baby Quilts

My mother is an amazing and inspirational quilter. After I started writing mysteries, I decided making baby quilts would be an excellent, nitpicking task to engage the editor side of my brain so my creative child could run wild.

For Zander, I designed this pattern of fashion-forward shirts and ties because his father is always so well dressed.

Then Anna F. told me about an exhibit of baby quilts at the Los Angeles County Art Museusm. According to LACAM’s website, “the traditional art of quilting perfectly marries functionality and aesthetics; quilts provide warmth and protection while presenting strikingly beautiful decorative designs.”

Clearly the curator is not a new grandmother. Babies don’t sleep under quilts anymore–too dangerous. Instead, quilts provide a clean and interesting space for that dreaded infant activity: tummy time. This one is big enough for us to have tummy time together, which sounds just wonderful.

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